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Sunday, 28 March 2010

I have been making some sample pages to go into a book, eventually of things I love. The fabrics are mainly silk and space dyed silk velvet.

The first one is inspired by the incredible TV series 'The Wire' and features the words to the theme tune.

The second piece is inspired by my favourite book, Alice Walker's 'The Colour Purple'. It is collage of everything purple I could find in my work room!

The third piece is inspired by shells with soft pink insides

The next two pieces are inspired by another of my favourite textile artists, Beryl Taylor

The next piece with all the different coloured pieces of velvet is very special because it represents my lovely friend, Joanne who is an amazing lady full of love and life. The colours are her! She is very, very special.

The final piece is a fleur-de-lys made of space-dyed velvet and lightly padded. I am a complete fleur-de-lys nut!!


  1. I never knew you had so many gorgeous pieces secreted away! It's lovely to see them. xx

  2. well done on getting the blog sorted Catherine, lovely to catch up with you too last week - keep the lovely work coming - lots of eye candy :0)))

  3. The pieces are lovely I hope to see you and them soon.Von xx

  4. You call that fleur de lys? We call it French Lilly and I am totally nuts about them too!
    Lovely work!


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