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Sunday, 5 August 2012

It seems to still be snowing on my blog..........oh, well, could pretend it's blossom!!

The Waterbabies

I have just joined Carolyn Saxby's Tag Tuesday and the theme is 'Mermaids and Waterbabies'. This is my tribute to Charles Kingsley's lovely story about the little chimney sweep, Tom. Just a simple pen and wash watercolour.

Sunday, 12 February 2012 much to learn.....

It has taken me all day to customise my blog and I still need to tweak a few things!! I love the background, not happy with the layout but will get there. All I need now are some of those little snowflakes that drift down across the page and a funky icon on my cursor like a little bird.....anyone know how I can get those? My eyes hurt!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

This is the start of the Birchwood Bondaweb sampler I worked on, this is such a fabulous technique using bondaweb painted with acrylics, lumiere paints and you can use silk paints etc. You then add transfoils, sparkly bits, sweet foils and it will finally be stitched. This technique produces the most gorgeous results. My photos don' t do it justice.

This is how the weather looked at 3pm on Saturday, we had to finish half an hour early to make sure everyone got home!

Some close-ups

I have actually finished a piece of work! Spent two days with Angie Hughes at Trumpet Corner (check out her blog, she's amazing) near Ledbury looking at Hundertwasser (which I can now pronounce!) and Birchwood Bondaweb. This is the piece I produced heavily influenced by Angie's fabulous style.

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